My research interests

I am deeply interested in all kinds of things, and I like to think everything can interest me. However, if I had to pick one thing, it would probably be theoretical computer science, as it feeds me with infinitely many questions to which I will probably never have the answer. But let's try!

Here are the topics on which I focus:

  1. Algorithmic complexity
  2. Graph theory and combinatorics
  3. Computability and decidability

You may have seen me

Other interests

Other topics that interest me are culinary arts, music, theatre, and (amateur) astrophysics. I play the bass, and I used to play the violin and the piano when I was younger. I have also practised theatre for 10 years.

I have a culinary arts diploma, and undertook my apprenticeship at Le Moulin Rouge, in Paris.

In case you wonder, here is a list of my favourite dishes and delicacies:

I listen to various kinds of music, but my preferred bands and artists are probably: